AC Emergency Service -- PLAINFIELD, IL.

Serving Romeoville, Lockport, Joliet, Shorewood & The Southwest Suburbs of Chicago

An air conditioner breakdown can already be stressful.  Especially here in the Chicagoland area, with our hot summers. But what about when a breakdown happens after hours or on the weekend? What happens when you need immediate service on a hot day?  Just reach out to Eagle Air Inc. Heating and Cooling . You deserve quality care at all hours and on every day, which is why we offer complete emergency AC service, repair & installation.

24-Hour Emergency AC Repair in Plainfield

An air conditioner isn’t a luxury when you’re living in Chicagoland. It’s an absolute need. When your air conditioner isn’t cutting it, you need a solution now! At Eagle Air Inc. Heating and Cooling, we offer emergency solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

The moment we get an emergency service call, we’re on the way to help. Our emergency AC repair team is trained to handle emergency cooling system situations, meaning we have got the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to provide complete service, as well as the dedication to superior service to execute a repair effectively.

Signs You Need Emergency AC Service

Know the difference between an emergency situation and where a standard AC repair service will suffice? We can help you decide:

  • The unit is making loud or persistent strange sounds. Loud sounds often mean bad parts, which can lead to huge complications if left alone.
  • Your home is far more humid than usual. AC systems dehumidify as a part of their refrigeration process. If your home is damp, that can be a serious problem.
  • There is an electrical issue, such as flickering lights or breaker trips. Electrical problems are scary for a reason. Shut down the system right away & give us a call.
  • The system is failing to beat the summer heat. You pay good money to have your AC cool your home. If it’s not doing its job, it won’t be long before the summer starts.
  • The AC is leaking water or refrigerant. Leaks can cause lots of home moisture damage, and they can lead to even bigger problems.
  • Odd smells coming from the furnace
  • An unusual spike in your energy bill each month

If you’ve noticed any or multiple of these signs, then please call Eagle Air Inc. Heating and Cooling right away!  We have been servicing Plainfield & the surrounding communities for over 35 years.