Air Balancing -- Plainfield, IL.

Serving Romeoville, Lockport, Joliet, Shorewood & The Southwest Suburbs of Chicago

Eliminate hot or cold spots in your home with air balancing

Is that back bedroom always freezing? Is your living room too hot when the rest of the house is comfortable? Stop trying to figure out a work around to make those rooms comfortable, and call us instead!

Rooms that aren't getting enough heated or cooled can benefit from air balancing done by the 2011 quality award winner and nationally ranked customer's choice contractor - Eagle Air Inc. Heating and Cooling of Plainfield, IL.

Customize the temperature in each room of your home

Our zone controlling system allows you to maintain the perfect temperature in each room of your house. Keep your bathroom toasty and dry, your bedroom cool and comfortable, or the nursery cosy and warm. We'll install up to 4 separate thermostats in your home so you can have complete control of the rooms you use most.

Get a 30-day labor warranty on your air balancing system

  • Balance air flow
  • Manual balancing dampers
  • Automatic balancing dampers

Air balancing is only the beginning of keeping your home comfortable. We can also annually inspect your furnace replace that old central air unit help you breathe cleaner air, and  stop dry air from making your family ill.