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Keep the air in your home comfortable all winter long

Do you have dry, itchy skin? Is the dog avoiding you because he gets shocked every time you pet him? If so, the air in your home is too dry and it's time to call Eagle Air Inc. Heating and Cooling.

Automatic whole home humidifiers can keep the air in your home at the optimum humidity, allowing your family and Fido to stay comfortable all winter.

Help your family stay healthy

Viruses thrive in low humidity, and if the air in your home is dry, the more likely it is for your family to catch colds, flus, and other upper respiratory ailments.
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Ask about our 5 year warranty on central humidification systems

  •  Automatic whole home humidifiers
  • Automatic whole home humidity control
  • Aprilaire humidifiers

Don't let your home suffer the effects of dry air. Dry air can cause damage to your home and wallet by creating cracks in your ceilings, wood floors, and trim. Let us help!

You can get a new central humidifier installed FREE with the purchase of a high efficiency furnace of air conditioner.